Kairos DTC is perfect for the company or institution wishing to learn more about or implement blockchain(-related solutions) within their company. We curated our team to make sure we can deliver pragmatic advice solutions on a tactical and strategic level. We look forward to helping you further.

We offer research, advice and project-based implementation that require knowledge of the industry as well as the technology. Veterans ourselves, we are able to cut across the bureaucracy to maximize the use of our experience and skills.


Research the different ways in which blockchain makes a large difference. Explore what the different solutions are for you and your company.


Receive advice on the benefits and disadvantages of using a blockchain based solution. Learn what is best for your institution.


Implement a new way of processing both value and information, by enabling the latest innovative technology for your business.

Who We Are

Kairos DTC is a consortium of independent consultants with a deep knowledge and understanding of innovative technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Our consultants have a vast experience in different sectors of the economy. Combining the professional experience and technical background gives us the best opportunity to advise your organization with the digital transformation of your business. 

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Blockchain is a digital database containing information (such as records of financial transactions) that can be simultaneously used and shared within a verifiable, fraud-resistant, distributed and accessible network. Dubbed “The Trust Machine” by The Economist, it represents a new way for the world to transfer value. Blockchain represents one of the largest opportunities for our society in decades, perhaps even generations. 


sector expertise

experienced in different protocols

efficiently under one organization

assist in your leap into the future

Meet our team of industry professionals


Alfred Prevoo

Next to elementary school, Alfred finished his Computer Science degree at the young age of 11. Alfred studied Economics and has worked at, amongst others, the Royal Dutch Shell, the United Nations, the Dutch Central Bank and the European Central Bank. At the ECB, he has been active as a specialist in internal market risk models. Now devoting his full-time attention to blockchain & cryptocurrencies.. 


Roberto Pisano

As a former Investment Banker, Roberto has worked for Tier 1 Investment Banks such as JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, ABN AMRO in both London and Europe in the Capital Markets division as an interest rates structurer and sales. Prior to that Roberto worked as a Fixed Income Trader at Robeco asset Management. Innovation Technology enthusiast specialized in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Sven Brekelmans

Sven has developed himself rapidly after his study at the Technical University of Delft to become a project manager. Early in 2013 he started his deep dive into the topic of blockchain. So much so, that he is now giving Masterclasses on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He has also developed experience with start-ups and investments and likes to leave behind a “trail of innovation”.


Berit Fuss

Berit is an experienced innovation and program manager with a passion for technology and a track record of driving change in large organisations. She has proven to be able to bring programs from zero to one in a diverse range of highly professional environments. As a seasoned professional showing most value on the cutting edge between technology and business. 


Marcel Burger

Founder of BurgerCrypto.com; a crypto investment boutique offering crypto asset management services to high net worth individuals and B2B consultancy services. He is writing a book on Bitcoinometrics; econometric analysis applied to bitcoin data. Marcel worked at Optiver, VanDerMoolen, EY & Achmea IM. Holds a MSc. in Econometrics; specialized in Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Sciences.

partner | consultant | Developer

Gerard Persoon

Gerard has experience in project management, line management, technical design, programming, IT auditing, quality management and teaching at a range of small and large companies. He has specialized himself in understanding the inner workings of blockchains and uses this knowledge to teach programming Ethereum blockchains at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Partner | developer

Ruud Juffermans

Ruud is an experienced Blockchain and back end developer working at different projects. He is an experienced back end developer in the insurance industries. Ruud has studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science specializing in distributed ledger solutions at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Leiden University of Applied Sciences. Experienced in Solidity, Golang, Java, Python & PHP.

Kairos' team wants to help you take your organisation to a next level using the latest technology. We bring years of experience and knowledge with a background in IT, engineering and finance. 


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